Designed, engineered and manufactured by COMPOSITEK, our fiberglass reinforced polymer structure panels and shapes offer outstanding UV and corrosion resistance, high-strength-to-weight ratios and incomparable system flexibility that provides clear advantages over concrete, steel, wood and other conventional materials.


All COMPOSITEK FRP engineered waste water treatment systems are manufactured with premium corrosion-grade isophthalic polyester resins, and are modified with UV inhibitors to maximize weathering resistance. All component surfaces are coated with a protective barrier of spun polyester to provide even greater weathering and corrosion resistance properties. Please see our Corrosion and Weathering Guide for more details.

The result is a composite system solution with the highest level of protection available for a wide variety of applications including water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, mining, chemical storage and processing, and other harsh environments.


With a significantly higher strength-to-modulus ratio than steel, COMPOSITEK'S structural shapes are particularly effective under repeated cyclic loading conditions associated with high winds and fluid dynamic pressures.  Our resilient structural members also provide superior impact protection. 

COMPOSITEK'S experienced engineers leverage these high-performance characteristics to design an optimized system solution based on historical, full-scale test data and mechanical coupon testing results. 


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